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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

As a City Alderman, Tylec is known for his government transparency and his data driven vision for North Tonawanda which resulted in his landslide victory in his very first run for office. His Mayoral campaign will continue to focus on governing proactively and always transparently. Tylec brings an independent approach to government although he is also able to reach across the aisle for collaboration with government officials when needed.


Alderman, Tylec has initiated several proposals including the establishment of an ethics committee, an attendance policy for those who serve on city boards, a fiscal stability committee, a local Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Law and several resolutions that condemn hate in our communities. 


“North Tonawanda is a great community of honest hard working Americans and I’m looking very forward to continuing to bring confident, decisive and transparent leadership to the Mayor’s office” stated Tylec.


“I understand the challenges that we face in North Tonawanda and I’ll provide the competent leadership with integrity to the Mayor’s office that will help build a stronger community” explained candidate Tylec.

A life- long resident of North Tonawanda, Tylec’s love and appreciation for serving in government is something that has been a family legacy going back three generations. A North Tonawanda icon, “Pop” Ramsay, who created the Parks and Recreation Department in North Tonawanda by building parks, starting recreational programs and creating a better sense of community cohesion, just happens to be Tylec’s great grandfather. 


“I’m so very proud of my heritage and I see the potential our city has much like Pop did”, says Tylec. 


Tylec hold a Masters Degree in Architecture from the University at Buffalo and also serves as board member of the Greater Niagara FCU; the steering committee for North Tonawanda Police Reform and Vice President of Project Pride of NT, which is a non -profit organization focused on beautifying the Oliver Street Corridor and downtown district within North Tonawanda.


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TYLEC for MAYOR_D2.jpg

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